Is a niche hard working,  lead from the front consulting firm based in  Australia with a presence in Melbourne and Perth.   Established in 2012 we hit the ground running with a direct approach to finding success by listening to clients issues and developing individual solutions and help support teams communicate with the same transparency that Management requires to get the job done.
FZ Consulting has helped businesses grow by simplifying their business and sales model, therefore increasing productivity and sales.
FZ Consulting partners with businesses to:
  • Create better market awareness – so they become a trusted advisers to  their clients.
  • Develop business/sales processes and strategies -that will enable you to increase productivity therefore sales.
  • Help management teams create communication strategies to increase staff productivity
Our Mission
Help companies and individuals achieve excellence in their industies by partnering with them and providing them tailored solutions.
Our Difference
The FZ Consulting difference lies in our proactive and practical approach to providing tailored sales solutions.
We provide medium term sales mentoring which brings your sales staff long term success
We don’t just train your staff and walk away, We work with you throughout the journey and we help you implement the strategies that will get results for your business.


For ore information please contact me:


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