10 Character Traits of Successful People







1. Purpose

It guides your thoughts, actions, beliefs. Your purpose is your guiding compass. It helps you define who you are. What is your purpose?

  1. Passion

The only way to be truly successful is to be passionate about what you do? Successful people are love what they do and being focused on their purpose helps maintain their passion. What are you Passionate about? What do you love doing with passion?

  1. Patience

We would all like to achieve instant success. Successful people understand that you can’t be an instant success. It take time, effort, commitment and focus. Successful people know that patience leads to success.

  1. Persistence

When you want something you must go after it with all you might, there will be stumbles and falls. Despite those stumbles and falls you must continue to peruse your goals and let nothing stand in your way. You must show commitment to your long term success.

  1. Personal mastery

Consistently learn from every situation and continue to grow as an individual. Work on your skills in a number of different areas. Understand that as you improve there will be plateaus where there is no visible improvements for a period of time. It’s in these time that you mind and body is consolidating the information and the performance will come soon.

  1. Consistency

Always be consistent in what you do. If you find something that produces results for you keep doing it until it stops working. When you practice something oer and over again you are creating a habit. Think when you first started riding a bike the first few times were challenging after a while it became second nature.

  1. Confidence

Competence breeds confidence. The more skills you possess, the more likely you are to succeed.

  1. Cooperation

Mind and body must work as one. You must also cooperate with people around you. We need the help of others to help us achieve our goals. Seek out the cooperation by helping others achieve their goals and you will in turn achieve yours.

  1. Commitment

Without commitment you will never achieve anything worthwhile. Imagine playing golf and as you are about to swing you are not fully committed – what will happen? When I coach football I always tell my player when going for the ball the player that is most committed will always win the ball.

  1. Consequence

Everything you do has consequences some good some bad. You are in control of your behaviours, actions and there for the resulting consequences.


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