Subconscious Routines – How people function with routines and how to change them where needed. Involves cognitive learning and then subconscious execution.



Yesterday with a 19 year old who is an Analyser/Driver we were working on getting through BAS as he has a chicken wing going on. 32 ball drill was in use for the first time with him. mechanical checklist going into overdrive with him = poor results. Clear Key his started striping the ball. Mechanics not so good. Clear Key power. He had all the info and once he gave away control to gain it, he got the result. Subconscious is very powerful once the info is in there and you can start to Feel the Mechanics to not be a victim of the wrong ones.

Jones said, “Freewheel.” 

And Hogan said, “Release at the bottom.” 

All of this supposes you have something to freewheel and something to release. And that something is the cocked left wrist and the inline clubshaft and clubhead.

A PGA TOUR player came to me one time saying, “I don’t know how to release the club.”

“Please,” said I, “You’ve made more than 200 cuts. You know how to release the club.”

“No, I don’t, and I’m coming to see you.”

(Works for me.  )

Sure enough, he was making a severe arching (bowing) motion with his left wrist at the top of his swing and also at the finish. 

We did a few hammering drills. At first just into the ground [This is why I get the big bucks.  ] and later at various points in the stroke. He had totally lost the concept and feel of perpendicular wrist motion executed on an inclined plane. 

“Are you sure this isn’t too handsy?” 

“Just keep hammering.”

A few months later, he won his first PGA TOUR event. 

With a Flat and Level Left Wrist at impact, and a Cocked and Bent Left Wrist at the top and at the finish. 

 #1 Who’s the Foundation. #2 What’s the Focus. #3 What’s the Feel. #4 What’s the Future. Know who you are talking to and how they listen. Know your stuff (mechanics). Let them get the motion (Feel). #4 is now being aware, well the future is brighter.
– Conversations between 2 of the worlds greatest Golf Coaches


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