ICAA FUTSAL Tournament



ICAA FUTSAL Tournament

I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 ICAA Futsal Tournament on the weekend as a sponsor and representative of From Pitch To Boardroom.

It was a great event.  It enforced the value sport, team work, working towards a common goal and when combined can bring the best out of people.

I love football and yes I am talking about The World Game!


A couple of reasons why I love Football is because it is a truly multicultural sport and in order to compete at the highest level you must develop team excellence because your rival teams or countries are always looking for ways to continuously improve – you see it twice a year with the transfer windows.

This is also true in business and building teams, the difference is that the business transfer window is always open.

In the ICAA Futsal Tournament we had two finals – Mixed and Men’s

Both displayed team work, unity and the will to win and I believe the best teams won on the day.

What made the Men’s final a little different, it went into extra time and there was a controversial golden goal in the period of extra time which gave us the winner.

The question is – Was one team luckier then the other on the day?
I believe there is an element of luck involved in anything we do – but I find that the harder one works the more luck comes their way.

What can business learn from sport? There are many things (Here are 4).

1. You must be adaptable and able to change course when things are not going your way.

2. You must have a core group of (players) employees and build your team around them.

3. Everyone must work towards a common goal (creates unity).

4. Strive for excellence in anything you do – As Bill Marriott said “The success is in the details”

I wish you many great successes on your journey and please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I can contribute to your success.

Frank Ziovas


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