If you know the why, you can endure almost any how.




I believe no matter how great the challenge we can always overcome it.

However in order to overcome anything we must first accept responsibility for the challenge then find courage, understanding, empathy, hope and the most important thing the reason WHY.

Why you want what you want.

When we were kids we had all these big dreams, as we grew and we stopped believing in those dreams because of some reason or another, maybe we had been told we couldn’t achieve certain things or maybe we were told that we weren’t good enough, smart enough and after trying certain things that didn’t work out we started to give up on our dreams.
I believe once we give up on our dreams, we loose motivation and then hope.

Simply we chose to settle for mediocrity.

But if we choose mediocrity, we can also choose success.

We must search and find that burning desire, that flame we once had.

We must find the reason for being – the WHY!

As Marsha Sinetar said

“Burning desire to be or do something gives us staying power – a reason to get up every morning or to pick ourselves up and start in again after a disappointment”.
What are your reasons for wanting to achieve good health, financial independence, that promotion you have wanted, the house or car you have always dreamed about?

If you know the reason why, you can endure almost any how.

My Why’s are:

  • To help others get what they want
  • To be the best I can be
  • To make every day my masterpiece
  • To be massively successful

I believe as Frank Sinatra said: “The best revenge is massive success”


2 thoughts on “If you know the why, you can endure almost any how.

  1. I’m a little confused with your wording–maybe you can help me understand. You say, “…we must first accept responsibility for the challenge,” in order to reach success. What exactly are you meaning by that? Just wondering in the case of someone who can’t necessarily accept the responsibility for something they are trying to change, something they’re trying to work on that wasn’t their fault. Of course, maybe I’m completely misunderstanding what you’re trying to say–it’s been a long day already for me!

    • Hi and apologies for my late response. I am saying that if you cant accept responsibility for what is happening in your life you can’t reach the level of success you desire because you will always find someone to blame for what is happening.
      Example: in 2009 I lost everything because my business partner went bankrupt – wasn’t my fault however until I took responsibility for my thoughts and actions I couldn’t move on to bigger and better things. So despite whether or not it’s our fault we are still responsible for our thoughts and action on a daily basis.
      We don’t try to change we either do or we don’t.

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